Abby (abaytay) wrote in panda_smugglers,


My name is Abby, I stumbled across this journal because I was thinking how odd it is that I Love Pandas sooo much...but dont belong to a Journal devoted to Pandas. Gasp.

So I looked around and thougth this was really cute.

I have pictures but not on this computer (I'm at work). Tomorrow when I am at my computer I will send pictures of:

A small part of my panda collection. (I am at college and only brought stuffed animals and a blanket with me)
And my Panda Hamster TAN SHI (her name means Angel in Chinese)
I can also show a picture of my friend, he dressed up as a Panda for Halloween.

My father likes to send me "Panda in the News" Pictures, so i'll post thoes as I get them as well!!

This is very exciting
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