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the world is ending and most the people dont even know.

So here's the deal, I have no idea what I am doing here anymore. I think I might be losing my mind.

I'm so sick of friends around here letting people down, people having no fuckin clue about the world going on around them, the wars, money, politics, ignorance, and no matter where you go you can never completely escape any of this. I was having an in depth conversation the other day with my friend Dean, approaching futuristic theories, and we came to a solid conclusion on our hypothesis of life.

Technology is what we strive for each and every day, it's the one thing that our lives revolve around, and we as humans have made it that way. You see no other species walking around on cell phones, blackberry handhelds, and wireless internet blimps flying over cities...only us. Technology has no longer become something we imagine, it is us. We have become it. Without it our species is nothing at all. Yet the overlying understanding that I have is that inevitably, it will destroy us, overrun us, or will become so immersed in it will render ourselves extinct.

If it weren't for cigarettes, drunk drivers, and the ability to make stupid mistakes, the world would be so overpopulated by now we would consume ourselves.

I had a thought about perhaps, engineering organs for human beings, that of course are artificial but are designed to withstand extreme high and low climate differences, and self regulate them to adapt to the surrounding conditions. Any organ could be replaced, and they would be at a certain age in every, "humans" life...when the developmental stages of the body have finished. These new organs would make us, infinite, immortal. Without a heart to stop beating, or lungs to stop breathing, humans as we know it would indeed become partly artificial, but nonetheless if we immerse ourselves in striving for this technology everyday, isn't that what we are working towards, becoming so advanced that death is something in the history books?

The possibilities are endless, it has been said that space is infinite, meaning we would never run out of room for our species. And with bodies that can withstand everything except extreme temps, we would slowly start to expand our kind into other galaxies, dimensions, warps, space tunnels. We would be the future. Vehicles could run off of ore that humans mine in space and deliver to space born silos to be converted into an endless supply of energy. there would no longer be a shortage in employment, currency would be rendered in-efficient and therefore discontinued and everything would be put onto a credit system...time would no longer be required for anything, because with the proper technology, sleep would also no longer be required, and of course its possible...

Is this what we are leaning towards? Or will we destroy ourselves with the nuclear bombs, weapons, unnecessary things we have created? Why are humans always looking for a better way to fight? Why does there always have to be an upper hand? Can we put our "advanced" minds as everyone likes to call them to better uses like expanding into space? Pursuing cleaner lifestyles?

There obviously has to be people in charge of things you say...we can't just be a fuckin species roaming around in space doing as we please killing, being psychotic, and harming innocent people? and right you are, no matter what we do, the human race was designed to learn how to be better than other people, and the easiest choice of course is to attempt to destroy the opposition...but based on the theory that once you have something you tend to get bored with it...I believe that with an enormous space patrol responsible for preventing piracy, killing, and promoting general happiness as opposed to the everyday scandals we hear on the news, murders, bullshit no one understands, air things on sky boards that are fuckin positive. By promoting a naturally healthier environment, over time the surroundings will drop their guard and begin to co-exist with its partners subconsciously. With everyone fearing everyone else this cannot happen obviously, but it makes me wonder that if we are all capable to be in an infinite amount of space, do we really care as much to what everyone else is doing? If we no longer have to worry about dying by "natural" causes, money, the human race destroying itself in general, then what is there to be upset about anymore? People kill for greed, hate, jealousy, power, and above all, instinct. But perhaps if you can nullify the majority of reasons, there will at least be a significant drop in violence overall...requiring only mild laws for humanism.

I know everyone gets to a point in life where they wonder if what they are doing is right or far as life is concerned. Because we are so worried that we will run out of time, not be able to do things we wish we could have, and die regretful. Stressful right? I call that the instinct ditch. Why? I think it is our bodies natural survival of the fittest kicking in and telling us that perhaps our current path isn't the right aware. Yes I believe the mind goes that deep...if you only knew.

Most people shrug that feeling off and keep working 9-5, fixing their broken car, dealing with their children who respect nothing thanks to the media, and wondering if it ever gets any better. Well let's eliminate that middle man everyone likes to call stress. With nothing to worry about...then what do we do? I say focus on helping other people...people that need it. Bridge that gap between psychological understandings that for some reason we just get through, so instead we institutionalize those we don't think fit in very well and hope 4 walls and some meds make it better. That does not have to happen. If the entire view on life is changed, people won't be seen like that anymore. They won't be locked away and forgotten about. Ever been to a loony bin as they like to call them? It's fucked. Everyone that works there smiles, pretends everything is peachy, but I don't know how they sleep at night. Telling them that they are "helping" people? You ever been to jail? Drugged? You know that extreme low I mentioned where you don't know what the fuck is going on anymore? Try living your life like that with no choice in the matter. Institutions make me fucking sick. Yes not everyone can be the same dumbasses, isn't that why we pride the human race? Being unique...who set the fucking bar on being too unique? If people are fucked in the head and like to kill babies and rape women and children and eat people, then come up with a way to fuckin fix it!!!! Instead of spending billlllllions every year on bombs, work on something to help the people...not kill more of them...hello?

The whole point of this fuckin speech is that I hit my low today, and im always looking for a way to stop myself from hitting that low. When i'm at work, driving, shopping, laughing with the back of my mind I'm always looking for someone to talk to that is willing to go deep into the mind and explore all this. But that 5% of people in the world that can actually understand what the fuck I just wrote above or even took the time to read it because they are significant enough to crave an understanding, an answer, is few and far between. These are the people I am looking for...where the fuck are you?

Thanks for reading.

Just one last keep you one ever told us that focusing our race on technology would what if it doesn't? Then what?


Another human in search of the final answer.
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