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panda_smugglers's Journal

Saving the world, one TV dinner at a time.
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Welcome to Panda_Smugglers. This is a place where all your insane, panda-related dreams can come true.

Ok I lied. But you can still tell us about it, right? Hooray!

Rules that you must follow:

1. Normal people are not welcome here. Unless they plan to learn how to be crazy.

2. Do not use this place to advertise things.

3. Posts *should* be Panda-related. Panda pictures, websites, stories, icons, merchendise, ect.

4. If not Panda-related, they should be 100% sanity-deprived.

5. This is not the place to bitch or cry about something (unless it has to do with pandas, then it might slide). You have your own journal for that.

6. Members are good. Tell your friends.

7. If your post contains larges images or several images, put it behind a LJ cut.

8. Cussing is OK, but don't overuse it. Don't make your posts sound like "Fuck this fucking piece of bitch shit-ass"

8. Warn of if images or websites have nudity.

9. Not manditory, but you should add us and our members to your friends list if you join.

10. Bow to crazy_cabbit, your leader.

11. I don't know what else to say.